The Essentials of Food Hygiene for Persons with Learning Disabilities or Communication Challenges

This is an engaging,visual session aimed at persons with medium to severe learning disabilities and/or communication problems. Please note that my speech is slowed, it contains simplified terminology and is supplemented by symbols. It is also paced so the learner can be supported if needed by a carer or support worker or family member.

Its purpose is to go through the essential “house rules” for any induction into working in a food handling environment. Although set in a commercial kitchen with that focus it does provide valuable life skills for home.

This course is split into 2 numbered modules that require completing in order. The duration of this course is circa 40 minutes footage and then your assessment follows of 5 multiple choice questions that will take approximately 10 minutes to complete depending on your approach. The pass mark is 5/5 but you do have the opportunity to try as many times as required without any additional cost. There is an instant digital certificate.

The learning outcomes are as follows:

Essentials of Food Hygiene LD Learning Outcomes Final


Course Content