L2 Fire Safety & Health & Safety in Catering (Local Authority)

This is a supportive training course for persons currently working as a food handler for Local Authority school meals or social care catering services. The course is set entirely in a Pembrokeshire County Council kitchen and grounds.

Please note that the fire extinguishers used and discharged in the video by Sara may be slightly different from the ones in your kitchen in both appearance and size.

Also please note, that in the event of a real fire, discharging them could present additional challenges and it would be advisable to watch a video where one is being discharged on a real fire. The fire protection officer has a DVD you could watch if you would like to, just ask your manager to arrange this.

What’s not mentioned in the video is that Local Authority fire safety guidance does state that using extinguishers can reduce the risk of a small fire developing into a large one and refers to the analogy of considering tackling a fire that is “waste paper bin” size. Your priority though is to raise the alarm to ensure evacuation and concentrate on this rather than firefighting.

This course is split into 5 modules that require completing in order. The duration of this course is circa 2 hours of footage to view and then your assessment follows of 20 multiple choice questions that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete depending on your approach. The pass mark is 15/20 and your result instant but you do have the opportunity to try as many times as required. There is an instant digital certificate.